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Aion is a child at play, playing draughts; the Kingship is a child's.
-- Fr 52
I sought for myself.
Fr. 101

His opinions were in general that all things are composed from fire & into this they are resolved;
Everything comes to be through fate and existing things are connected through this turning in opposite directions.All things are full of souls & daimons...

He called conflict a sacred disease and seeing, being deceived.

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X (14)

Heraclitus (Diog.[enes])
They say that when asked why he was silent, he replied - "That you may babble." .
Do not be in a hurry to unwind to the center stick the roll of Heraclitus the Ephesian; the path is hard indeed to traverse. There is gloom and unrelieved darkness; but if an initiate leads you it shines more brightly than the shining sun.
Those who speak with sense must rely on what is common to all, as a city must rely on its law... (nb. common remains unknown to most)
The divine law has as much power as it wishes & is sufficient for all & is still left over.
Frag 114

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Therefore it is necessary to follow the common: but although the logos is common the many live as though they had a private understanding.
Fr. 2
To god all things are beautiful & good and just; but men have supposed some things to be unjust, others just.
Fr 102
The up & the down is one and the same.
Fr 60.
The beginning & end of a circle are common.
(70.b) (Fr 103)