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(Christus) luctatus est eum et vicit: erat enim homo pro patribus certans, et per obedientiam, inobedientiam persolvens: alligavit enim fortem, et solvit infirmos, et salutem donavit plasmati suo, destruens peccatum. Est enim piissimus et misericors Dominus et amans humanum genus.

(Christ) laid hold of him and defeated him: for he was a man combatting for his ancestors, and undoing (their) disobedience by (his) obedience: he fettered the strong one and he released the weak, and he gave salvation to his creation, destroying sin. Thus, he is a most faithful and merciful Lord, one who loves the human race.

t. Irenaeus Adv. III.xix.5 (_____ p. 47n.)