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From Psalter of Robert of Molesme
O intemerata et in aeternum benedicta, specialis et incomparabilis Dei Genitrix Virgo Maria, gratissimum Dei templum, Spiritus Sancti sacrarium, ianua caelorum, per quam post Deum totus vivit orbis terrarum, inclina aures tuae sanctae virginalis humilitatis et pietatis indignis supplicationibus meis, et esto michi miserrimo peccatori pia et propitia in omnibus auxiliatrix.

O Mother of God, Virgin Mary, fearless and forever blessed, singular and incomparable, most pleasing temple of God, tabernacle of the Holy Spirit, gate of heaven, through whom--after God--all on earth have their life: incline the ears of your holy virginal humility and fidelity to my unworthy prayers, and in all things be for me, a most wretched sinner, a faithful and well-disposed helper.