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Prayer of Fulbert of Chartres (excerpt)
Impetra michi sancta Virgo Maria spatium et locum penitentiae ut non sinar in vacuum ducere dies huic mortali vitae concessos. Sancta Dei Genitrix perpetua Virgo Maria, intercede pro me, ut omnipotens Deus aperire dignetur michi voluntatem suam, qualiter anima mea possit slava fieri. Dancta Dei Genitrix perpetua Virgo Maria, impetra michi compunctionis lacrimas, ut innumerabilia peccata mea incessanter defleam, ut sicut fuit michi dulce peccare ita michi sit dulce paenitere et lugere, non solum propria sed et aliena commissa.

O Holy Virgin Mary, obtain for me a space and a place of repentence that I may not be allowed to spend vainly the days granted to this mortal life. Holy Mother of God, ever Virgin Mary, obtain for me the tears of compunction that I may weep incessantly for my numberless sins, so that, just as sinning was sweet to me, so too I may find it sweet to do penance and mourn, not only for my own sins but also for those committed by others.