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O Domina et Mater misericordiae quae mundo edidisti Salvatorem, oratrix pro me dignanter assiste. Ad tuum gloriosissimum et singulare praesidium confugio, et tu, piissima, meis precibus aures tuae pietatis inclina. Vehementer expavesco ne vita mea tuo dis-pliceat filio, et illo [sic] deprecor ut sicut per te se mundo mani-festavit, propter te, quaeso, absque dilatione miseratur mei. Qui vivit et regnat.

O Lady and Mother of mercy who gave the world the Savior, consent to be my intercessor. I flee to your most gracious and singular protection, and you, O most faithful one, incline the ears of your fidelity to my prayers. I strongly fear that my life may not be pleasing to your son, and I entreat him that, just as he manifested himself to the world through you, so too, I beg, may he have pity on me without delay for your sake. Who lives and reigns.

( St. Odo )