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A cella quippe in caelum saepe ascenditur; vix autem aut numquam a cella in infernum descenditur, nisi cogitando de pravis inferni. Moriens autem vix umquam aliquis a cella in infernum descendit, quia vix umquam aliquis nisi caelo praedestinatus in ea usque ad mortem persistit: quoniam filium gratiae cella tanquam fructum ventris sui foret [feret?].

From the cell (cella) one can often go up to heaven (caelum); but hardly ever or never does one go from the cell down to hell, except by dwelling on the depraved things of hell. At the moment of death, hardly ever does anyone go down from the cell to hell, because hardly ever does anyone persevere in it until death unless he is predestined for heaven: because the cell bears[?] a son of grace like the fruit of its womb.