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"Sermon" from Isaac of N.
Is there any need to say anything about men engaged in spiritual endeavor, strangers to the world, & about hermits? They have made the wilderness a city & transformed it into the home & the abode of the angels. For the righteousness of their life the angels always come to them & as warriors of the same King they have often fought side by side. All their life have they loved the wilderness & from love of God had their dwelling in the mountains, caves & precipices of the earth. Since they have abandoned the earthly & conceived of love for the heavenly, imitating the angels, the
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In a journal entry for January 11, 1965 Merton notes Isaac of Nineveh as a favorite:
A little Nietzsche is stimulating, no doubt, but what I really like to read is Isaac of Neneveh in the hermitage or Zen Masters in the fields.
A Vow of Conversation , p. 133.