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Texts for an Office of Hermits

Levate in caelum oculos vestros et videte sub terra deorsum; quia caeli sicut fumus liquescent et terra sicut vestimentum atteretur, et habitatores eius sicut haec interibunt, salus autem mea in sempiternum erit et justitia mea non deficiet.

Lift up your eyes to heaven, and look down to the earth beneath: for the heavens shall vanish like smoke, and the earth shall be worn away like a garment, and the inhabitants thereof shall perish in like manner: but my salvation shall be forever, and my justice shall not fail.

Isa. 51:6
Posui verba mea in ore tuo et in umbra manus meae protexi te, ut plantes caelos et fundes ierram et dicas ad Sion: populus meus es tu.

I have put my words in thy mouth, and have protected thee in the shadow of my hand, that thou mightest plant the heavens, and found the earth: and mightest say to Sion: Thou art my people.

Isa. 51:16
* Merton is inconsistent in his use of consonantals in Latin: sometimes he retains the classical and sometimes he uses the medieval.