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Ut totis viribus quieti mentis studeas, sine qua nulli licet callidi hostis insidias circumspicere.

With all your faculties you ought to be intent on peace of mind, for without it no one can take heed of the traps set for him by the cunning enemy.

St. Anselm , Ep. 37 (S___III. 147)
Sed vide ne hostes derideant abbata tua, ne illis serviant otia tua, ne illis vaces, qui vacare Deodebueras.

But see to it that (your) enemies do not make a mockery of your sabbaths, lest your inactivity be of service to them, lest your leisure be for them when it ought to have been for God.

Gilbert of Hoyland
In Cant. 11.5. PL 184, 60.