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Qui enim a nullis refraenat licitis vicinus est illictis.

Whoever does not refrain from some licit things is close to (engaging in) illicit ones.

(Aug. de Ut. Jejunii 5.)

(Nov. 1964)

Locutus est mihi (Dominus) et dixit[:] Ingredere et includere in mediodomus tuae.

(The Lord) spoke to me and said: Go in and shut thyself up in the midst of thy house.

Ezech 3:24
To the extent that each man believes the end concerning future blessings & despises human glory & pleasures, he will have couresponding power to control his thoughts & to be more at peace than a man who loves pleasures.
St. Mark The Ascetic
( Philokalia )

This and all subsequent translation of scriptural quotation follows the Douay version of the Latin Vulgate text. In November, 1964, Merton participates in an important meeting of abbots and novice masters, holds a retreat for for[sic] the Fellowship of Reconcilliation (FOR), and receives many diverse visitors. See Michael Mott, The Seven Mountains of Thomas Merton . pp. 405-406.