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When we are incapable of scaling the peaks of virtue, all we have to do is descend into the ravine of humility. Our humility is our great intecessor before the face of the Lord.

Macarious of Optino
If the soul loves and pities the people its prayer is not interrupted.
Staretz Silouan
Salvation lies in Christ like humility.

In Conjectures , p. 164, Merton mistakenly ascribes the following extended quotation from Staretz Silouan to a Staretz Sylvan: He said:
I became steward as an act of obedience blessed by the Abbot, so I pray better at my task than I prayed at the Old Rossikon [where he had a solitary hut] where I asked to go for the sake of interior silence. If the soul loves and pities the people, prayer is not interrupted. from The Undistorted Image , biography of Staretz Sylvan (sic), by Archimandrite Sophrony.
The correct reference for this quotation of Staretz Silouan, both in Conjectures and "The Red Diary" is: Sofrony, Archimandrite. The Undistorted Image . Translated by Rosemary Edmonds from the Russian. London: The Faith Press, 1958.