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Few men are Johnsons; yet how many men at this day are assailed by incessant demands on their mental powers which only a productiveness like his could suitably supply! There is a demand for reckless originality of thought & a sparkling plausibility of agreement which he would have despised even if he could have displayed; a demand for crude theory & unsound philosophy rather than none at all.
Newman .
What must be the toil of those whose intellects are to be flaunted daily before the public in full dress, & underdress ever new & varied, & spun, like the silkworm's, out of themselves.
Merton identified with John Henry Newman. Of Newman Merton wrote elsewhere:
"There are people one meets in books or in life whom one does not merely observe, meet, or know. A deep resonance of one's entire being is immediately set up with the entire being of the other (Cor ad cor loquitur)--heart speaks to heart in the wholeness of the language of music; true friendship is a kind of singing."
Conjectures of A Guilty Bystander . (New York: Image Books, 1968), p. 188.
Newman .